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The Department of Resettlement is a non-statutory organ of the government tasked to resettle targeted citizens and groups on both voluntary and involuntary basis in order to provide them with an alternative livelihood while uplifting living standards of rural community.

Main Objectives

Our main objective is to transform all Resettlement Schemes in Zambia into highly productive hubs.  In order to achieve this, our business model will be focused on increasing the productivity of settlers and enhancing the operations and management of Resettlement Department.


  1. Develop policies, standards and guidelines of Resettlement Division.
  2. Acquire land for Resettlement purposes.
  3. Demarcate and allocate successful applicants in Schemes.
  4. Compensation and Resettlement assistance for internally displaced personnel.
  5. Mobilize resources for development of Resettlement Schemes.
  6. Training of settlers with vocational skills to help improve their self-sustainability.
  7. Provide start up packs to settlers to help in economic enhancement.
  8. Provide value addition incentives to help increase productivity and production in general.
  9. Maintain and update database on Resettlement programs.


The Department is focused on emulating the National Development Plan which states ‘Restore Economic Growth and Safeguard Livelihood for Prosperous and Equitable Zambia”. DOR crosscuts the under – developed cluster namely Economic Transformation and Job Creation” and ‘ Human and Social Development, under the strategy ‘Reduced Poverty and inequalities’ hence the department seeks to have an impact on Job Creation amongst the youth and cooperative groups to provide alternative employment through agriculture.  It is positioned for increasing Agriculture production and productivity. Below are the three main Resettlement programmes that are done by the department undertaken.

Resettlement Services

 Ensure targeted and eligible citizens are resettled in accordance with policies.

 Livelihood improvement

Settlers are equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to make land productive. We work with other government agencies, NGOs and private sectors to ensure this.


The department provide critical infrastructure such as road, health and school facilities

For further enquiries please feel free to contact our officer for information Mr. Kaunda Kasanda Resettlement Development Officer by mail and +260976-429354 contacts.