Zambia Diaspora Portal

About Us


The Zambian Diaspora is regarded as the “Eleventh” province of the country and a partner in development, hence the Zambian Government prioritises its interaction with Zambians living abroad. The Government has therefore mandated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to facilitate for the provision of information and services to the Diaspora.

The Diaspora web portal is therefore, a platform and mechanism for disseminating reliable, coordinated and continuous information to the diaspora with the aim to enhance communication and engagement between the diaspora and the Government.


The main objective of the Portal is to promote the participation of the Zambian Diaspora in the national development agenda of the country by facilitating interaction, exchange and dissemination of information.

The Portal is a tool for evidence-based policy-making that takes into account national priorities through a two-fold information sharing process:

  1. Information Provision to the Diaspora on: 
  • A broad range of updates on Government policies, regulations, and procedures;
  • Empowerment programmes, viable investment, trade opportunities, and other initiatives; and
  • News items of interest and relevance to the Diaspora.
  1. Provision of strategic information by the Diaspora for the Diaspora Database:
  • The Diaspora Database is a critical component in the formulation of strategic linkages and information sharing for both the country and its Diaspora; and
  • Zambians in the Diaspora are encouraged to register on the Portal or with the nearest Zambian Mission abroad.

This engagement with the Diaspora is aimed at creating a mutually beneficial relationship between Zambia and her Diaspora through:

  1. Consultation:Dialogue between the Government and the Diaspora for Policy direction and action;
  2. Collaboration:formation of partnerships between the Government and the    Diaspora in the implementation of development programs;
  • Investment:by the Diaspora into various sectors of the Zambian economy;
  1. Remittances: facilitate the sending of funds to Zambia;
  2. Awareness: Increase awareness among Zambians in the Diaspora on the availability of various Government services;
  3. Diaspora Database: compilation of diaspora information for national statics, database of Diaspora skills for facilitation of knowledge exchange and skills transfer;
  • Patriotism: Promote national identity and pride through a connection to the motherland; and
  • Mobilization: of individuals or Diaspora associations for developmental or humanitarian causes.